Prophetess, Author Corliss Meredith

Corliss Meredith is a Minister, Gospel Presenter, Writer, Author, outreach server, and Entrepreneur. She has written and self-published two of her own books called You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Psalms 139:14 Woman, and Come As You Are, as well as created several prayer journals, and a unique gratitude journal. In addition, she has published her youngest daughter who was nine years old at the time,

first book and coloring book and journal Titled: Don’t Let Fear Stop You.

Corliss is also excited to share that as she launched ready writers publishing, she has been able to assist colleagues, family, friends, and others through the state of Texas, St. Louis and Louisiana with self-publishing Christian books, a devotional book, children’s books, & prayer journals such as Apostolic Impartation Cultivation & Development Volume 1, Overcoming A life of Turmoil (Losing a Child in the Midst of It), Fatal Distractions, Ordained By God, 40 Days to An Empowered Life Devotional, an intercessory team

monthly prayer journal, and How to Beat A Bully Children’s Book.

Her vision and purpose are to create a culture, environment, and atmosphere in order to speak Godly kingdom principles and seeds of greatness that will inspire, encourage, and restore all, especially women. When the occasion requests, her desire is to empower, encourage, educate and restore as a conference, radio, and podcast host/speaker, as well as offer basic business principles, and self-publishing principles through workshops and seminars teachings, coupled with the Word of

God globally, nationally, and internationally.

Corliss is a strong, authentic, vigorous, and unstoppable visionary with the Kingdom of God is at hand mindset and lifestyle that understands it’s a Process! She also realizes that prayer, Five-Fold Ministry Gifts, the Holy Spirit impartation, Prophetic activation, and Prophetic ministry are vital for Kingdom life and production and should not go unnoticed or overlooked! If you are looking for a dynamic motivator who will be transparent, speak life, captivate and share the word of God with you, or empower and educate with basic business and self-publishing principles you will want to invite her and experience the Prophetic Market

Place Ministry of Corliss Meredith.

Corliss is a dedicated loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Godmother who believes in

putting God first and that her family is a priority.

Thou gavest also thy good spirit to instruct them, and withheldest not thy manna from

their mouth, and gavest them water for their thirst. Nehemiah 9:20


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